The Worthy Parts Industry Link – Auction and Expo Kalgoorlie is a two-day mining showcase, held at Cruikshanks Sports Arena on December 3 and 4. 

The event will take place on the days following the iconic Saint Barbara’s Day Festival,  down Hannan Street.

The new two-day event will feature an expo of more than 100 stalls for service providers to exhibit, as well as an auction of 500 mining parts and machinery. The expo and auction is expected to draw a crowd of more than 2000 national and international mining industry guests.

The aim of the Worthy Parts Industry Link – Auction & Expo is to provide an arena that imitates the online network developed through the National Services Directory.

The expo and auction provides Service Providers a rare chance to exhibit at an exhibition dedicated to Service Providers across the mining and construction industry.

The Industry Link intends to bring Service Providers across the industry together, to network face to face.

The event is open free of charge to audience members from within the industry and exhibitors are able to register their interest to secure a stall here.

Worthy Parts is an online marketplace and directory for mining and construction goods and service providers.

Be a part of the new era of mining among national and international guests at the Industry Link in 2018.
To book a stall visit the bookings page here:


Dear Delegates

Jose Manuel Barroso previous president of the European Commission for 10 years and is the former Prime Minister of Portugal. Photo credit Jarrod Lucas ABC Goldfields-Esperance

2018, the year the Goldfields forgets it’s past sorrows of the downturn and emerges as a leader in a large resource sector.
Jose Manuel Barroso previous president of the European Commission for 10 years and is the former Prime Minister of Portugal. Photo credit Jarrod Lucas ABC Goldfields-Esperance
Jose Manuel Barroso previous president of the European Commission for 10 years and is the former Prime Minister of Portugal. Photo credit Jarrod Lucas ABC Goldfields-Esperance

More than 2300 miners, geologists, deal-makers, investors, bankers and assorted industry professionals flocked to Kalgoorlie’s Golden Mile last week, sending the town into it’s annual frenzy.
Not only were hotels, motels and other assorted forms of accommodation completely booked, at least 130 local households rented out their humble abode’s to accommodate the city’s bursting seams.
This year’s theme focused on technology advancement and automation, as well as changing the image of mining to encourage young people to pursue a career in the industry.
Whilst the Diggers forum is targeted towards the suits and ties, we’re looking at it from our target audience’s point of view – What’s in it for our

Service Providers
? Not only locally, but nationwide?
We continued the theme of technology and innovation below and thought we’d share some of our own Service Providers stories who have set the path for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Cleveland Compressors
HAMR Engineering
Hosemate Australia
Red Lubricants

Audit and save! Cleveland Compressors has saved companies as much as $50,000 in their annual energy bill.

Increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce overall business costs – 3 key priorities for any mine site manager, or maintenance supervisor.


The purpose of Cleveland Compressors compressed air energy audit is to ensure that your site compressors are functioning at a capacity that saves energy and ensures optimal functionality.

With over 140 years of combined experience, Cleveland Compressors is Western Australia’s largest independent provider of air compressors, compressor products and services.

Company Sales Manager Aaron O’Connor explains that if your current system is not designed properly, It could be wasting enormous amounts of energy .

Compressed air is used as the fourth utility in industry with up to 10% of total industrial electricity use in Australia, and 70% to 80% of the total life cycle cost of a compressor being energy alone.

“We can provide an Energy Audit based on facts and advise you of the best solution to save energy – with the opportunity to reduce up to 50% in running costs,” Aaron said.

To demonstrate the reliability of an audit, Cleveland put together two case studies to identify the savings to each company.

“Results showed significant control improvements as well as an annual saving of $53,868.54, which means Aqua Leisure Technologies made back the money they invested getting the audit done over 26 times.” Aaron said.

“Our second case study with BGC proved total energy savings are 40% which equates to just over a 15-month payback on equipment”

“BGC are saving $72,000 per annum in electrical fees”

Cleveland Compressors create a usage profile, which demonstrates how to reduce energy consumption and improve productivity.

By creating a usage profile, you’ll better understand how to reduce your energy consumption and improve productivity.

From their offices in Western Australia, Cleveland can provide business managers and project managers with energy-efficient solutions, including air compressors and support for their air system needs.

Interested in having a audit on your site?

Contact Cleveland Compressors direct on info@ccair.net.au or via their directory listing here. 

A fitting is a fitting – it’s the service that makes the difference.

If you were to ask a hose and fittings company what they did, they’d respond with the most obvious of answers – hose and fittings. 

In a recent discussion with the Director of Hose Mate, Ben Holder, we learnt that in the past 2 years of trading, Hose Mate’s services extend past their immediate products and focus on developing services and providing solutions to aid in overall project efficiency, optimising performance and longevity.

We’re a supplier and service provider of hydraulic hose and fittings, so we do the call outs, and service customers by always going the extra mile, as well as servicing/supplying onsite manufacturing facilities,” Ben said.

Hose Mate has the capability to supply a large range of fluid transfer products including food grade hose, chemical transfer, industrial hose products, diaphragm pumps, performance hose and fittings, pneumatic products and clamping systems etc.

One service that Hose Mate offers is the ability to audit a machine and catalogue the part numbers of the hoses in use, which aids in the speedy replacement of hoses in the long term.

“We catalogue everything we do in an extensive list of reverse engineered OEM parts,” he said.

Hose Mate work to advise their clients on the best products to use for their specific job.

“We work closely with multiple local businesses in developing products that aren’t readily available. This gives us the edge when it comes to problem solving for our clients,

“In my experience, a fitting is a fitting, it’s the service that makes the difference,” he said.

If you’re interested in having Hose Mate create an efficient strategy for your site, create a service container or catalogue then you can contact Hose Mate through their directory listing here.

HAMR Engineering adapts to growing market with the launch of service exchange components

HAMR Engineering, a great example of how a business accurately caters to its evolving client base in the face of an ever-changing mining market, whilst still maintaining the traditional values of the industry.

Director of HAMR Engineering Nathan Brown said his company’s ability to adapt to the climate of the market has been the cause of it’s steady but increasing growth, particularly at the introduction of their service exchange components.

Nathan realised the growing demand for online presence causing a rapid focus on industry adaptability at the launch of HAMR Engineering, 16 months ago.

Whilst focusing on the Goldfields-Esperance region, he said the key to adapting in the industry was to address the phrase ‘minimal down time’.

HAMR’s service exchange components provide a swap in swap out service that many lineborers are not accustomed to offering, including components such as dog bones, z-links and axle cradles.

“We work mainly on underground machinery. When components are damaged or broken, instead of fixing it there and then causing machine down time, our clients can exchange it for a new part – so exchanging damaged for new,” he said.

“Lineborers generally stick to contracts held by large companies, but where I’ve seen success is utilising the accessibility of sourcing parts.”

HAMR plans to grow the service and cater to a wider market with an increase in parts kept on site in the workshop.

“I purchased some parts through Worthy Parts and other businesses, and realised that I had a couple of items that I could start to do that – another avenue to aid with our client experience”

HAMR Engineering offer this service to the greater Goldfields-Esperance region and are able to service other mining regions across Australia on a subject to availability basis.

You can view HAMR Engineering profile here or email Nathan at nathan@hamreng.com.au