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HAMR Engineering adapts to growing market with the launch of service exchange components

HAMR Engineering, a great example of how a business accurately caters to its evolving client base in the face of an ever-changing mining market, whilst still maintaining the traditional values of the industry.

Director of HAMR Engineering Nathan Brown said his company’s ability to adapt to the climate of the market has been the cause of it’s steady but increasing growth, particularly at the introduction of their service exchange components.

Nathan realised the growing demand for online presence causing a rapid focus on industry adaptability at the launch of HAMR Engineering, 16 months ago.

Whilst focusing on the Goldfields-Esperance region, he said the key to adapting in the industry was to address the phrase ‘minimal down time’.

HAMR’s service exchange components provide a swap in swap out service that many lineborers are not accustomed to offering, including components such as dog bones, z-links and axle cradles.

“We work mainly on underground machinery. When components are damaged or broken, instead of fixing it there and then causing machine down time, our clients can exchange it for a new part – so exchanging damaged for new,” he said.

“Lineborers generally stick to contracts held by large companies, but where I’ve seen success is utilising the accessibility of sourcing parts.”

HAMR plans to grow the service and cater to a wider market with an increase in parts kept on site in the workshop.

“I purchased some parts through Worthy Parts and other businesses, and realised that I had a couple of items that I could start to do that – another avenue to aid with our client experience”

HAMR Engineering offer this service to the greater Goldfields-Esperance region and are able to service other mining regions across Australia on a subject to availability basis.

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