WPIL EXPO 2019 Done and Dusted

It took months of planning by many people, hours to set up the stalls and have exhibitors bump in, yet it seemed to be over in a heartbeat.


But it was worth every effort that was made as we saw many exhibitors exchanging ideas, making deals and the public getting a glimpse of the service industries involved in the mining industry.

Thanks must go to all the exhibitors that made the effort to attend and present their business.  Many of the booths were spectacular and it was great to see exhibitors actively getting around and interacting with others.  I heard firsthand of local businesses doing deals with international companies and others making contact for the first time with potential customers.  Some exhibitors even found the human side of their competition and realised that they also face the same hurdles in business and the industry.


It was great to see the huge haul truck in the main marquee;  what a fantastic entry statement it was to set the tone for the rest of the exhibitors.  After school hours on Friday we had an influx of young children who were amazed at the size of it.  It was a huge hit with them.  Giant engines, drill rigs, pumps and all sorts of equipment were on display and it is a credit to the exhibitors who went to the effort to put their best foot forward.

The first evening a sundowner was put on for the exhibitors where the completed Mining Legends’ project was revealed.  It was a great evening and was a prelude to the Mining Legends’ gala dinner to be held after the expo.  Hop over to the Mining Legends’ website to read more about the project and the Worthy Parts’ website to read about what happened at the dinner.



Day two of the exhibition started with a breakfast where we were treated to Casey Stoner, Michael Patrizi and Jess Moore.  Casey spoke about his time as a two time MotoGP champion and life since then.  He told the audience that no matter how much talent you have it is the hard work that you put in that will make you succeed;  a message clearly not lost on the business people in the audience.  Michael did a great job of interviewing Casey and Jess and also spoke of his own time on the racing circuits.  Kalgoorlie raised and born, Jess Moore was great to listen to as she related her story from riding behind the tailings dams in Kalgoorlie to being crowned number one in New Zealand and currently ranked number two in Australia.


Unlike her male counterparts and despite her skill and success, Jess struggles for sponsorship but I am sure that there were people in the audience that were so impressed with the way she spoke that they will be considering helping her out.  Being parochial we wish our born and bred Kalgoorlie girl, Jess, all the best.


It was back to business at the expo after the breakfast and like day one the crowds came again to see what was happening.  Getting around and speaking to the exhibitors was a great way to find out the mood of the crowd and on the whole everyone was happy.  It was good to see competitions being conducted with the most unusual one being the boot throwing competition conducted by RSEA.  They made it a gold coin donation to compete and all money raised went to the Mining Legends’ project.  Other exhibitors also donated any proceeds from their competitions to the project.

The buzz around the place wasn’t just inside the expo.  A helicopter operated non stop to take people for a quick flight over the city and Superpit.  Many were surprised by the layout of the city and were in awe at how close the Superpit was to the city.

The auction got underway for the 150 items up for grabs.  From components to heavy machinery, the bidding was brisk and Ross’s Auctions did a great job getting through the catalogue.


Congratulations must go to Michael and Jaymi Worthington who had the vision to run the expo and auction.  They worked hard to achieve what they did and no one was more relieved than them when the expo finally got underway.


Finally, I must also congratulate those that supported them in their endeavours.  From the ladies in the office, the sales team and workshop boys, everyone worked hard to achieve what we did.  If I can single out one person for all their work it is Courtney Boyes, who for a person so young has shown maturity and a work ethic that would put many to shame.  Her tireless effort and knowledge of all things about the expo is greatly appreciated.

We hope to see you again at our next expo and appreciate your support for what was a great event.


Gary Brown

Regional Manager, Industry Link Media.