WPIL EXPO 2019 Done and Dusted

It took months of planning by many people, hours to set up the stalls and have exhibitors bump in, yet it seemed to be over in a heartbeat.


But it was worth every effort that was made as we saw many exhibitors exchanging ideas, making deals and the public getting a glimpse of the service industries involved in the mining industry.

Thanks must go to all the exhibitors that made the effort to attend and present their business.  Many of the booths were spectacular and it was great to see exhibitors actively getting around and interacting with others.  I heard firsthand of local businesses doing deals with international companies and others making contact for the first time with potential customers.  Some exhibitors even found the human side of their competition and realised that they also face the same hurdles in business and the industry.


It was great to see the huge haul truck in the main marquee;  what a fantastic entry statement it was to set the tone for the rest of the exhibitors.  After school hours on Friday we had an influx of young children who were amazed at the size of it.  It was a huge hit with them.  Giant engines, drill rigs, pumps and all sorts of equipment were on display and it is a credit to the exhibitors who went to the effort to put their best foot forward.

The first evening a sundowner was put on for the exhibitors where the completed Mining Legends’ project was revealed.  It was a great evening and was a prelude to the Mining Legends’ gala dinner to be held after the expo.  Hop over to the Mining Legends’ website to read more about the project and the Worthy Parts’ website to read about what happened at the dinner.



Day two of the exhibition started with a breakfast where we were treated to Casey Stoner, Michael Patrizi and Jess Moore.  Casey spoke about his time as a two time MotoGP champion and life since then.  He told the audience that no matter how much talent you have it is the hard work that you put in that will make you succeed;  a message clearly not lost on the business people in the audience.  Michael did a great job of interviewing Casey and Jess and also spoke of his own time on the racing circuits.  Kalgoorlie raised and born, Jess Moore was great to listen to as she related her story from riding behind the tailings dams in Kalgoorlie to being crowned number one in New Zealand and currently ranked number two in Australia.


Unlike her male counterparts and despite her skill and success, Jess struggles for sponsorship but I am sure that there were people in the audience that were so impressed with the way she spoke that they will be considering helping her out.  Being parochial we wish our born and bred Kalgoorlie girl, Jess, all the best.


It was back to business at the expo after the breakfast and like day one the crowds came again to see what was happening.  Getting around and speaking to the exhibitors was a great way to find out the mood of the crowd and on the whole everyone was happy.  It was good to see competitions being conducted with the most unusual one being the boot throwing competition conducted by RSEA.  They made it a gold coin donation to compete and all money raised went to the Mining Legends’ project.  Other exhibitors also donated any proceeds from their competitions to the project.

The buzz around the place wasn’t just inside the expo.  A helicopter operated non stop to take people for a quick flight over the city and Superpit.  Many were surprised by the layout of the city and were in awe at how close the Superpit was to the city.

The auction got underway for the 150 items up for grabs.  From components to heavy machinery, the bidding was brisk and Ross’s Auctions did a great job getting through the catalogue.


Congratulations must go to Michael and Jaymi Worthington who had the vision to run the expo and auction.  They worked hard to achieve what they did and no one was more relieved than them when the expo finally got underway.


Finally, I must also congratulate those that supported them in their endeavours.  From the ladies in the office, the sales team and workshop boys, everyone worked hard to achieve what we did.  If I can single out one person for all their work it is Courtney Boyes, who for a person so young has shown maturity and a work ethic that would put many to shame.  Her tireless effort and knowledge of all things about the expo is greatly appreciated.

We hope to see you again at our next expo and appreciate your support for what was a great event.


Gary Brown

Regional Manager, Industry Link Media.

WPIL Auction & Expo 2018 Wrap Up!

The 2018 WPIL Auction & Expo brought three MASSIVE days of industry networking, exhibiting, auctioning and wild weather!

On behalf of Michael and the Worthy Parts and Industry Link teams, we would like to thank all 108 businesses involved in the inaugural WPIL Auction & Expo event for their attendance and support.

The 2018 WPIL Auction & Expo aimed to link businesses across the industry in both a digital and physical setting, whereby exhibitors had an opportunity to network, meet with current clients, and gain new ones.

The purpose of the industry link is to create a platform that increases business growth by creating relationships and corporate opportunities as well as boosting the local economies of the regions it works in.

From our opening event, overlooking the iconic Saint Barbara’s Parade, to an afternoon of networking among exhibitors and clients, and 2 massive days of exhibiting, we’d like to thank all exhibitors for their attendance.

100 stalls and 29 display areas had a wide range of mining and construction services and equipment on display for other stall holders and audience to view.

We would like to express our gratitude to the visitors, businesses and families that attended our 2018 Mining Auction and Expo and hope you benefited and enjoyed what it had to offer.

The 2018 WPIL Auction and Expo has laid the foundation of future industry networking events, and we look forward to welcoming a bigger series of events for 2019!

Media Partnership: Worthy Parts Industry Link partners with Full Production Podcast

Peter Finn from FACE Contracting, a WPIL media partner, will be joining us at the WPIL Expo and we are thrilled to have him.

Peter is the voice of Full Production, ‘THE podcast of the mining industry’.  Full Production navigates the way through the issues, wins and advances being made in the mining industry in the Australian-Pacific region.

Peter has been working in mining since he was 17 years old and has dug his way to the top of the industry as a leader in contract labour supply and many other specialized services at FACE Contracting.

The mining industry is like no other, so Peter handpicks his guests to talk about the issues and solutions that are rolled out across the industry week after week.

Hear about the ways that mine operators are solving some of the most complex and head scratching problems and, of course, hear where all the hot jobs and careers are across the industry from the people that know it the best.

On the Full Production podcast, Peter provides a platform for listeners to get behind the conversations that people are having in the mining industry. The only way to know what’s really happening is to know the right people – and this is something that Peter brings to the table week after week. Full Production gives you the window you need to leverage your career and take yourself to new heights, and plugs you into the pulse that drives the industry every day.

Join Peter each week as he brings you the people that have the experience and the proven track record in dealing with the trials and tribulations of working in the mining industry.

Catch our very own Michael Worthington on Episode 37, discussing all things WPIL!

Peter will be making his way around the Expo to meet and chat to Exhibitors and maybe even invite you to join him in a podcast!

MEDIA RELEASE: Auction no brainer for WPIL and Tim Brayshaw

After a five-year mining stint under the leadership of Worthy Parts Director Michael Worthington, Tim Brayshaw decided that a career in a workshop covered in diesel wasn’t the path he was meant to follow.

The 27-year heavy diesel mechanic, equipped with the necessary skills to recognise an honest days work and persistency, set out to start a brand that would make a difference from it’s product sales through to it’s message.

Brainless the brand incorporates product, and purpose – with a mission to encourage people to live a fulfilled life through their passion.

As a clothing brand, it is committed to donating $2AUD from every garment sold towards making a difference in the life of people who are in need of support.

“I wanted to create a community that covered all the areas important to me – so I set up a clothing brand that also raises funds for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation (CBCF),” he said.

“For me, giving is the most important thing. After years working in the mining industry, I realised that this was in fact my passion, and in order to feel fulfilled, I needed to take a path that would allow me to follow my passion,” Brayshaw said.

“When you’re giving, doors seem to open and the people you meet on your journey is incredible.”

Now on the tail end of his USA tour running the New York Marathon and raising funds for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Tim will head to Kalgoorlie-Boulder to auction off a R1300 bucket donated by the Worthy Parts team, donating all proceeds to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

“It was after raising $3,275.00 in a Sydney Fun Run in January this year that the door opened and CBCF invited me to run on behalf of them in the New York City Marathon.”

At 29 years old, Brayshaw completed the marathon on November 4th, 2018 – successfully raising $14,000 for the Foundation.

Currently travelling across USA promoting his brand Brainless with goals to reach offshore markets over the next two years, Brayshaw will conclude his global tour back in Kalgoorlie-Boulder in early December for the WPIL Auction & Expo.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Wortho, as he was my boss – and has been a huge support in my bold journey to make a significance in peoples lives through the brand.

“Michael and the mining industry have played a major part in shaping me and allowing me to realise my own purpose, leading to living my passion – so I wouldn’t miss the EXPO for the world,” he said.

To round off his trip, Tim will host a live auction to sell off the R1300 bucket expected to raise between $5,000 to $15,000 to donate to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation (CBCF).

“I’ll be speaking at the WPIL Auction & Expo and giving my perspective to the mining crowd on how one person can make a difference – and how collectively we’ll be working towards raising the funds!”

Tim touches down in Kalgoorlie on Sunday 2nd and will be the main key note speaker at the WPIL Auction and Expo. If you’d like to donate through Brainless, head to www.brainless.com.au.

MEDIA RELEASE: Economy welcomes 2000+ audience members!

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is a week away from welcoming what could be well over 2000+ visitors and exhibitors to its humble mining town, as the Worthy Parts Industry Link Auction and Expo connects service providers across the country.

An event of this caliber will expect to see local businesses from accommodation, restaurants, through to local retailers benefit from the additional flow of traffic, whilst also increasing business opportunities among local and interstate service providers.

Worthy Parts Industry Link Director Michael Worthington is encouraging local businesses to get creative and come on board with ideas on how they can be involved in the 3-day networking forum, that backs onto the iconic Saint Barbaras Day Parade.

“We’ve taken the initiative in approaching local businesses to help out with the expo such as Kal signs, who are doing the signage locally, as well as local venues to host our networking events such as the Palace Hotel and Paddy’s restaurant”

“We’ve been humbled to see such incredible support from local businesses with companies approaching us with ideas on how they can contribute,” he said.

The key to measuring its success will be determined by the economic report conducted post event, on the insurgence of financial growth the township receives during the event.

“We’re expecting roughly 500 exhibitors alone, and around 2000 audience members to cross the expo gates,

“We’re encouraging local businesses to approach us over the next week to see how we can work in and support them locally,

“Our expo will provide an opportunity for the smaller guys, as well as contractors, and local businesses to be exposed for their contribution to the communities they work in,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer of the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder, John Walker said the expo and auction is one of the most exciting initiatives he has seen since he relocated to Kalgoorlie Boulder.

“Often the city leads on events and activities but to see a private enterprise take the initiative, wear the risk and to invite people to Kalgoorlie Boulder to come and not only do business but to enjoy what we have to offer, to stay here, to spend their money, I think is outstanding and so, I think Worthy Parts deserves all the credit but hopefully the town embraces it as well,” Mr Walker said.

“The public are always warming when people come to town, but I think it also opens enormous opportunities beyond just the expo,

“People when they see and feel Kalgoorlie might decide they want to live here or do business here, and I think this is a great initiative to help achieve lots of our outcomes [the city] and it aligns with what the city is trying to do, so we’re really supportive,” he said.

“We know a lot of mining happens somewhere else and not many people unless they’re working there go out to the mines and understand and experience what it is,” he said.

Mr Walker said it’s common that people won’t see what happens in mining unless they work there, and the expo provides the public an opportunity to see and understand one of the major economic contributors for the town.

“Now what makes a mine; you know, the equipment makes the mine, the people make the mine obviously the fact that the geology is there as well but I think to bring the people, the equipment, the operations into the city at Cruikshanks Oval where people can go and look and feel and touch and see – gives them the opportunity to be involved,” he said.

“I mean mining is one aspect, but mining services is in many ways perhaps is a bigger industry employer and contributor to the economy here anyway, so we have a massive mining services sector,” he said.

As well as the city’s support, the WPIL Auction & Expo has partnered with many local businesses including the Kalgoorlie Miner to add to the experience and exposure for each of the service providers exhibiting.

Kalgoorlie Miner Goldfields – Esperance Regional Manager Tracee Relph said the readership of the miner will provide the exhibitors a chance to expose their business to a greater audience, in addition to those attending the expo.

“With Worthy Parts – we’ve been able to expose the expo directory to the wider reach – so the exhibitors will have their bios shared not only to the people at the expo on the ground, but to the wider audience as well.”

“Anything that involves the community, we’ll jump onboard regardless and having so many extra people in town will help the retailers and in effect it’ll help the paper as well, having people shopping locally and being involved will be good for the city,” she said.

The Expo aims to connect three avenues, the exhibitor and mining companies, the community to exhibitors, and the audience and exhibitors to local businesses.

“We’re exposing businesses that support the communities, sponsor the footy clubs, and interact with the community.

Director of Exchange Hotel and Paddy’s restaurant, Lawson Douglas said that events that bring a mass amount of people to the city is great for the township and local businesses.

“We’ve prepared to have extra staff on during the expo to ensure all audience members and exhibitors are catered for.

“We’ve teamed up with the WPIL Committee to ensure that exhibitors know they’re welcome to wind down at Paddy’s and the Exchange with a relaxed environment and we’lL cater for them.”

“The flow on effect of events such as this are great for the community.

As a local business, we’re happy to get involved with these types of events, because it does promote that Kalgoorlie is a great place to live and do business. It means that we’re able to promote what our local businesses are capable of when it comes to events of this caliber.

Michael said his WPIL team has been on the front foot recruiting local businesses to help out where necessary, from onsite providing forklifts and cherry pickers, to Kal Signs with signage, Goldfields Indoor Plant Hire with internal decorations.

“We have a team of around 20 people, and each one of them are in charge of their own department to make the Expo & Auction a success for the exhibitors and community members”

“We do encourage local business to take advantage of the additional persons in town and approach us with their ideas to contribute to the experience of the local community and exhibitors’

The WPIL Auction and Expo will take place on December 3 & 4 and is free to the public and audience members for entry. You can find out more at www.worthyparts.com.


Media Partnership: Worthy Parts Industry Link partners with Australia’s Mining Monthly

WPIL is excited to have our media partner, Australia’s Mining Monthly (AMM) in attendance at the inaugural Expo.

AMM is the premier mining publication for those working in the operational side of mining.

Each edition carries detailed coverage and extensive information on the equipment, people, technology and services driving Australia’s mining industry.  AMM is essential reading for those wanting to make better decisions in their mining business and career with the right information on hand.

With a monthly magazine, a website that attracts over 19,000 unique users a month and a daily newsletter that has over 14,700 subscribers, AMM can get your advertising campaign in front of a highly engaged audience.

Published for more than 35 years, AMM is widely regarded and respected for the quality of it’s editorial and advertising exposure.

The world’s leading mining equipment and product suppliers operating in Australia, as well as consultants, service providers and conference and expo organisers, have AMM as their first choice for advertising and communication.

The recently introduced ‘Contents Channels’ feature on the AMM website is an exciting feature that allows viewers and subscribers access to up to date news and critical business information that is relevant to your operational sector.  Daily emails and personalised alerts can be sent directly to your inbox.

Chis Merton will be onsite during the two day WPIL Auction & Expo, drop by and have a chat!

Alternatively Chris can be contacted on chris.merton@aspermont.com or 0413 444 081 for more information.

WP Industry Link Partners with Ross’s Auctioneers and Valuers

The Worthy Parts Industry Link Auction and Expo is a little over 7 weeks away with 80% of stalls and display bays now SOLD.

Worthy Parts have partnered with Ross’s Auctioneers and Valuers who will be running the 2 day Auction aspect of the event.

Day one focused on machinery and day two focused on major parts and components.

Ross’s Auctioneers and Valuers are the leading Auctioneering firm in Western Australia, conducting more auctions in more categories than any other.

Ross’s will be partnering with Worthy Parts Industry Link to help create our large list of over +500 auction items throughout the 2-day event.

You can view the preview of the Auction when you click here.

Ross’s offer a complete and professional Auctioneering service, with a complete asset disposal management system, which ensures all assets are correctly accounted for, and the best value is achieved for all items.

Ross’s specialise in site inspection, removal of assets from designated locations and delivery to our showrooms, consignment of the assets including asset numbers and serial numbers for accurate asset reconciliation and much more.

The staff at Ross’s are trained and capable of identification and marketing a wide variety of assets.

If you’re interested in putting items through the Auction on December 3 and 4, please email parts@worthyparts.com



The Worthy Parts Industry Link – Auction and Expo Kalgoorlie is a two-day mining showcase, held at Cruikshanks Sports Arena on December 3 and 4. 

The event will take place on the days following the iconic Saint Barbara’s Day Festival,  down Hannan Street.

The new two-day event will feature an expo of more than 100 stalls for service providers to exhibit, as well as an auction of 500 mining parts and machinery. The expo and auction is expected to draw a crowd of more than 2000 national and international mining industry guests.

The aim of the Worthy Parts Industry Link – Auction & Expo is to provide an arena that imitates the online network developed through the National Services Directory.

The expo and auction provides Service Providers a rare chance to exhibit at an exhibition dedicated to Service Providers across the mining and construction industry.

The Industry Link intends to bring Service Providers across the industry together, to network face to face.

The event is open free of charge to audience members from within the industry and exhibitors are able to register their interest to secure a stall here.

Worthy Parts is an online marketplace and directory for mining and construction goods and service providers.

Be a part of the new era of mining among national and international guests at the Industry Link in 2018.
To book a stall visit the bookings page here: