WP Industry Link Partners with Ross’s Auctioneers and Valuers

The Worthy Parts Industry Link Auction and Expo is a little over 7 weeks away with 80% of stalls and display bays now SOLD.

Worthy Parts have partnered with Ross’s Auctioneers and Valuers who will be running the 2 day Auction aspect of the event.

Day one focused on machinery and day two focused on major parts and components.

Ross’s Auctioneers and Valuers are the leading Auctioneering firm in Western Australia, conducting more auctions in more categories than any other.

Ross’s will be partnering with Worthy Parts Industry Link to help create our large list of over +500 auction items throughout the 2-day event.

You can view the preview of the Auction when you click here.

Ross’s offer a complete and professional Auctioneering service, with a complete asset disposal management system, which ensures all assets are correctly accounted for, and the best value is achieved for all items.

Ross’s specialise in site inspection, removal of assets from designated locations and delivery to our showrooms, consignment of the assets including asset numbers and serial numbers for accurate asset reconciliation and much more.

The staff at Ross’s are trained and capable of identification and marketing a wide variety of assets.

If you’re interested in putting items through the Auction on December 3 and 4, please email parts@worthyparts.com

Cataloguing now for a more efficient future.

Part of the service HoseMate provides is working out new solutions, whilst also enhancing current ways in making urgent breakdown repairs and preventative maintenance more efficient for their clients.

One of the ways they have being doing this is pin pointing and cataloging specific hoses that may succumb to the harsh mining conditions.

HoseMate now has an extensive list compiled of over 50,000 Reverse Engineered OEM hoses.

This enables them to supply a hose quickly for their clients, using reference to an OEM manufacturers part number.

From this list they have also supplied multiple rehose kits to their clients from underground dump truck kits to Large excavator kits.

To top this off they individually part number each hose with their new in house tagging system.

Also segregating hoses into their specific area

of the machine, making it more efficient for installation.

HoseMate have multiple Australian and international clients using them for this reason alone.

Let HoseMate help you keep moving forward.

If Interested in finding more about HoseMate, you can visit their profile here.

Contact Ben  – ben@hosemate.net.au

HoseMate – “it’s the service that counts