With commitment and dedication a team of 13 MAMILS made the 800KMs from Kalgoorlie Boulder’s red dirt to the metropolitan coast of Perth in a bid to raise awareness and much needed funding for the fight to cure cancer. All monies raised goes to funds for the for WA based Harry Perkins Institute for Cancer Research.

The 600KM Journey from Kalgoorlie Boulder to Perth took five days and was completed by a team of 13 cyclists. The team were joined by fellow MAMILS on the Saturday to finish the remaining 200kms left of the journey to Mandurah and back! A stellar effort by all involved, we look forward to hearing your final tally on monies raised! Worthy Parts are proud to have supported you all on this journey!


THEIR JOURNEY OCT 16th – 22nd….

Yesterday the group left Kalgoorlie in high spirits, leaving slightly later than expected due one of the travels vehicle requiring additional fuel supply. Departing from a fellow KAMILS house at approx. 1445 and arriving at Bullabulling mine site after 60kms of riding at approx. 1730. Rising early for a hearty breakfast, the KAMILS departed at 0620 travelling 160kms to Southern Cross arriving a little after 1500; all were tired as it had been a hard slog riding face first into a westerly wind. Spirits are high after a regenerative shower and change in clothes.

After arriving at Southern Cross yesterday afternoon, and everyone enjoying a shower and a change of clothes, it was off to dinner at the Southern Cross Palace Hotel. While walking to the Palace Hotel, we met another fundraiser who was walking from Melbourne to Geraldton – Sue, having a nice chat for 10 – 15 minutes we continued to our meal.

The meals were huge, and everyone enjoyed their fill, the publican upon hearing of why and what we were riding for, made a generous donation of a gold coin and two bottles of wine to be sold/auctioned for the RTCC.

Today started off a little later than yesterday with a 7am departure time; there were only a few groans as bums have taken the saddle; today was ‘only’ 100kms and to be set at a leisurely pace. I’m not sure all the team received this notification as top speed for today was 42.3km/h into a 28km/h headwind. We arrived at Merredin at approx. 1230 and peddling through town straight to the coffee shop as it was the one thing the group craved. While enjoying our coffee, good old facebook came through showing that the MAMILS/KAMILS had made the front page of the Kalgoorlie Miner. Heading back to the Merredin sign it was time for some group photo’s, one of our fellow MAMILS/KAMILS has recently purchased a DJI drone, which we put to good work.

Thursday saw the KAMILS rise at 5am for a 6am start, today leaving Merredin we had a 28km/h tail wind which was a HUGE relief over the last 3 days, the team set a blistering pace travelling 162kms in 4 hours and 48 minutes with an average speed for the day of 34km/h. Thursday was the only day an incident occurred which was due to a railway crossing, one bike received minor damage, and the other requires a new front wheel. No major injuries were sustained. We arrived at Northam at approx. 1pm, where it was shower and beer time.

Friday, we were excited to have the Kal leg nearly completed, starting at 530am we were up and rolling just after 630am, a few more hills to tackles before the day was over. Following the image of bike riders in lycra it was off for coffee at Dome. Rolling through to South Perth we finished the day at approx. 2pm, where our bikes were left to the care of the RTCC staff, after having checked in

Saturday morning, was a thriving atmosphere of excitement and inspiring speeches, over 850 riders had gathered to ride 200kms over 2 days, all having been touched in some way by cancer.The MAMILS received a hero’s send off during the 3rd wave to leave, the sheer number of people participating in the event and the number of support personnel, family, friends and people cheering on was elating. Saturday was a constant stream of meeting different people and individual rider’s abilities separated the ride out throughout the day, everyone met was supportive with words of encouragement and happiness, and anytime somebody was on the side of the road for either a ‘break’ or a breakdown, it was an endless choir of “are you okay or do you need a hand?”. Arriving to a hero’s welcome in Mandurah at 1:30pm, the MAMILS have enjoyed a break and being able to clean up before the night’s dinner, and presentations.

Sunday morning, the MAMILS were under by 630am, even though everyone’s legs were aching, and bums were throbbing, all were smiling and enjoying the atmosphere having a laugh. Sunday saw the MAMILS ride from Mandurah, along Rockingham foreshore up through to Fremantle, and continuing into South Perth, the day was quite warm which made for a fantastic ride with the sea breeze. Along the way family members of the MAMILS lined the road not to just support the MAMILS but anyone riding past. It’s surprising how much a cheer squad can increase your resolve to keep pushing that little bit harder on an incline. Arriving back into South Perth just after 1pm the MAMILS were greeted by family members and friends it was quite an emotional experience 800kms from Kalgoorlie + the RTCC for the KAMILS, and the overwhelmingness of the crowd.