Hotshots a good start in the mining industry

Many people through the Goldfields-Esperance region will know him from his days spent as a Plant Fitter, but for the past two years Ray Norton has been working to fast track his company’s growth as a hotshot services company catering to the mining industry of Australia.

Ozzi Express has built itself a reliable name due to the dedication Ray and his team have in ensuring goods are delivered to their different mining locations in a timely manner.

Ozzi Express offers 24/7 services and works for some of the state’s major transport and mining companies, as well as taking fast freight for freight companies.

Starting out with delivering around Western Australia, Ozzi Express now works closely with companies based in the Pilbara and the Northern Territory. The company also has the capacity to deliver to South Australia and as far as the East Coast.

Competitive rates and an honest and reliable service are the key ingredients that have enabled Ozzi Express to expand across WA, as well as an increased demand for a fast, on-time transport.

Ray tells us that his pick-up and deliveries happen in single or two-person teams, depending on fatigue management and customer requirements, completing various trips around Australia from 100km to 7000km per trip.

As well as Ray, Ozzi Express has another well-known name in the industry. ‘Slim’, lead driver/operator at Ozzi Express. Slim comes with vast mine haulage experience and a good knowledge of WA mines and road locations, including having an existing network throughout Australia.

The company will soon be establishing a base in Perth, catering for not only the Pilbara, but into Kalgoorlie and from there interstate.

If you’re interested in acquiring hotshot services, head to Ozzi Express on the Worthy Parts National Services Directory.

DMS returns from the red centre with Variety Children’s Charity

Our red centre travellers, Kristy and Brett of DMS have returned from their 7-day 4WD trip with Variety the Children’s Charity, giving us a first-hand recap of what took place throughout their adventure.

Just over two weeks ago, Kristy and Brett embarked on a 20-car fleet voyage through to Uluru.

The track took the pair off road 80 percent of the time, visiting remote locations where permits were required.

The pair spent the trip divided into two roles, Brett was the driver and Kristy the navigator, which she said was made easier by small pieces of tape that marked most of the track.

Lunches would take place in random spots on the track, some as remote as to be 300kms with nothing around them.

The voyage had three groups to help with the navigation of the trip and maintain the flow of cars, ensuring no body stopped for too long.

A husband and wife team who were on the committee, would go ahead every day and remark the track.

They then waited for drivers and checked them in, the sweepers and mechanics stayed behind all the cars to ensure everyone gets on track on time and the main host Bill stays in the middle.

Throughout the trip the crew visited three schools and had the entertainer Libby sing educational songs to the children.

Kristy noted that the most memorable night was the Sounds of Silence fine dining experience under the stars between Uluru and the Olgas where they had a special tour performed with a laser pointer to the start explaining the consolations.

The last activity was to Segway around Uluru, an activity that Kristy said was a lot more difficult than they first imagined.

A variety 4wd Formal concluded the tour, announcing fines that were given throughout the trip, one for example was being fined if you didn’t have your designated rock on you.

The pair are prepared for what is in stall next year, with plans to commence fundraising over the coming months.

Kristy and Brett say the stories of fundraising that the committee shared over the trip was the key to ensuring they head back next year and encourage anyone wanting to fundraise for the charity to get in touch and do the same.


Workshop Foreman by week, Moto X Rider by Weekend.

As most people rugged up to brave the first cold long weekend of the winter season, Chris Hallett from Boyes Equipment Svs prepared for a three day Moto X event, camping and hitting the dirt tracks at the Manjimup 15000.

It’s no surprise that after 14 years as a Workshop Foreman, Chris enjoys his weekends spent with family, friends and more machinery – a 2017.5 KTM 450 SX factory edition to be specific.

Over the past 10 to 11 years, the competitive Moto X rider has competed in over 40+ competitions across the state which included events like the Finke Desert Race, with this year’s focus on the Manjimup 15000, the largest Moto X event in Western Australia.

The weekend’s event pulled some of the bigger names from the east coast such as Kirk Gibbs and Dean Ferris to the track, located 300kms south of Perth.

The event ran from Friday June 1st to Sunday June 3rd, with Junior, Senior, women and Veteran riders entering into the two-day racing event.

Chris competed in the MX Nationals Veteran Championship level against 30+ other competitors, having placed 20th, 19th, 19th, 18th – Chris was able to average out his times to come home 20nd overall for the two days of racing.

The weekend’s event had over 600 riders ranging across all divisions.

We asked Chris what his next venture in racing would be, and he said he’ll be focussing on the Kalgoorlie and Esperance Club rounds from here on, expecting to take part in Bunbury state round in July, King of the Cross (Southern Cross) later in the year and then to finish off at the Wanneroo state round.

Worthy Parts are a proud sponsor of Chris, and supporting events located around the regions. Find out more about Worthy Parts Sponsorship here.