Have an Idea? Worthy Parts was developed from an idea to resolve the waste in the second hand parts market by consolidating the resources available across the industry. In the few short years we’ve operated we’ve manage to grow nationally as the go to market place to source and sell your parts! Knowing how hard a start up can be  and also how rewarding it is to see an idea grow into a business, we love to encourage and witness our friends realise their ideas!

It’s even more awesome when it’s a  Worthy Parts team member who is fronting their own passion! We’ve had Tim on the team since 2016 and have been hearing about his ‘Brainless’ idea… and now look!!

Tim Brayshaw found his calling in the years spent as a Diesel Mechanic. Originally from the country outskirts of Victoria, the 28-year-old found himself amongst the grease and grime in rural Western Australia. It was here that “Brainless” was born.

“For the last five years, I’ve seen every kind of T-Shirt from all types of brands in the rag bin; a rag is your best friend as a mechanic”, he adds.

In the two years since the brand’s inception, Tim recalls his childhood dream of launching a clothing company that will span across Australia and beyond. “Being able to express a vision to the world through a fashion brand is my ultimate goal.”

The motivational energy can be felt through the Brainless motto: No Pressure, No Diamonds. “It’s the internal belief that you can achieve your greatest desires and goals. To be the best version of yourself in all things.”

Brainless is currently aimed at the free sports market, where Tim’s deep passion lies. “The pressure to get that landing, to ride that mountain, the first to the finish line: it’s the pressure you put on yourself that brings out your inner diamond.”

 With his brand in motion and initial merchandise sales showing solid growth, Tim is set to travel across Australia to share the vision of Brainless to the masses. “Brainless has found another gear, so for me, I’ll just hold on to the handles and see where the ride takes me for now.”

Worthy Parts can’t wait to see where this brainless activity take Tim, we sure know it’ll be a ride and half. As Tim plans to work his way across Australia in the coming weeks, we’d be happy to have  him back in the workshop, but for now he’s a man in a van with a brainless plan…