Worthy Parts celebrated its fourth year in trading in 2018, alongside the launch of a new National Services Directory. An innovative advertising platform,  specifically designed for ‘Service Providers’ in the mining and construction industries.

With the launch of the new Service Directory Jesica McKenzie joined the Worthy Parts team and has been meeting clients from all over Australia.


With over 500,000 website visitors in 2017, our unique business model, has fast become the go to website to sell and source parts across the construction and mining industry. Even though business is thriving, and many new opportunities have presented themselves, we still pride ourselves on honesty and integrity by staying true to our business model – “We have set out to become the Direct industry link, connecting you with others” .

Not your standard advertising platform, Worthy Parts has set up as a supplier to many of the mining and contract companies! We can facilitate the transaction of parts sales for members, because of this our growth has been rapid, and we have identified the need to develop innovative technology to improve on your customer experience.


The New Service Directory offers a brand-new layout with many features including the ability for members to upload parts, photos, business information, check audience statistics and customer enquiries. The website took into consideration user experience, as well as achieving an affordable annual price. Whilst other industries can see immediate success from social media sites, the mining and construction industry required a trusted platform that concentrated on connecting and promoting trustworthy businesses.

Our aim is to deliver a reliable and trusted network of Service Providers which is quite exclusive to be a part of. Our audience should feel comfortable when buying parts or services.”


The aim of the National Services Directory is to allow audiences the opportunity to perform a quick search specific to a region they require a service in, and on the contrary, a business can list its services specific to the regions it caters to.

“In the business world today, there is more emphasis on businesses having an online presence to connect to existing customers and gain new leads, we can attest to this as we see it firsthand everyday with our parts sales. Word of mouth is old-school thinking, as audiences are constantly looking to compare the best deal and best services, checking reviews and looking through activity to gauge the quality of service,”


The platform’s mobile friendly approach provides its audience the chance to directly contact the business direct from the platform, which provides the member an opportunity to gauge return on investment in terms of leads that derive from the site. Now the national services directory provides an industry specific platform that keeps the mining and construction industries advancing at the same speed as other industries in the tech world.

If you’re interested on signing your mining or construction business or learning more check our the Directory here. ‘direct industry link, connecting you with others’.