Genesis To Process Bellevue Ore Pre Plant Commissioning

Bellevue Gold has signed an agreement with Genesis Minerals to process material at its Gwalia Processing plant in a deal to enable early cashflow. Ore from the Vanguard Open Pit at the Bellevue Gold Mine will be trucked by MLG Oz to the Genesis facility around 170km south of the mine.  This agreement allows Bellevue to generate early cashflow ahead of its Processing Plant opening due December quarter 2023.

Vanguard is currently being mined and stockpiled pre production, with waste being used to build a Tailings Dam wall. NRW Holdings are currently making strong progress in the mining of the open pit and construction of the tailings storage facility.

KCGM Mill Rebuild Contract Awarded

NRW Holdings, Primero Group, has been announced as entering an agreement with Northern Star Resources for the KCGM Growth Project for Engineering, Procurement and Construction. The Contract has an approximate value of $973 million. The project is aligned to the KCGM processing plant rebuild and is scheduled for completion by Q3 2026


Primero’s Managing Director, Michael Gollschewski shared “The execution of the KCGM Growth Project is the culmination of an 18-month journey with Northern Star. The work conducted to date to develop the capital cost, design, execution strategy and schedule for the project, has been one of the most comprehensive and rigorous ECI programmes we have participated in. The effort of the combined teams to define this key project has provided a solid foundation for a safe, efficient, and successful delivery.”

Primero will be responsible for the design, procurement, construction, and commissioning of the process plant facilities.