Delivering Professional EPCM Solutions – Pertama

Growing from the opportunity to fill a key niche in the small works and engineering space, Pertama is making its mark on projects across Western Australia. Providing Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance services, Pertama specialises in brownfield construction and maintenance projects.

With a comprehensive method and process for each stage of the EPCM process, Pertama prides itself on reporting and accountability to ensure transparency and communication is paramount, to a successful project delivery.


Pertama have highly experienced resources and are available to mobilise immediately. Covering a range of capabilities such as:

Civil, Structural and Mechanical solutions

Electrical and Instrumentation

Project and Maintenance Management Support

Tailored Fabrication Services

Specialised Blue Collar Resources


General Manager Warren Puvanendran said “The core and highly utilised services Pertama provide in the mining sector, are the bedrock of the industry. The strength of Pertama is that It’s all about being a single point of accountability. To be able to offer a service, with one person contact is the premise of having the skills sets in Pertama to assist clients and provide quick response and efficient delivery.”


Summing up the value chain Pertama can provide “What we have witnessed is that project costs, schedule and process can expand pretty quickly once small scale changes occur. Pertama is able to assist in offering entirety in that process to ensure the client gets the result they are after, within budget and timeframe.” Mr Puvanendran said.


Pertama has established itself in strategic operational locations across Western Australia, covering Iron Ore, Oil and Gas, Gold, Nickel, Lithium and more. Pertama`s small scale model, allows quick response and flexibility in delivery from project definition to closeout. Pertama are committed to delivering professional proactive solutions for your needs.


Pertama has operation bases across Western Australia, For further details Pertama Website.

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