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Early yesterday (Tuesday June 23 Aussie time) something was released that I get excited about, Apple developer updates. If you are part of our email base who is reading this on an android iApologise (It’s ok, that is the last of the jokes.)

The first virtual World Wide Developers Conference gave us a taste of what’s to come as part of iPhone, iPad and more with tech giant Apple. The iOS 14 comes with a stack of new features including a redesigned home page with more data and sizes. The App library is a new way to view all of your apps easier and there is full picture in picture support. This means you can stream from Netflix or Amazon Prime while you type messages. Very cool during a virtual group watching of Laugh Out Loud Australia.

Siri can send an audio messages now too and there are features to assist with voice translation when travelling. The Message app gets an overhaul and this will make group messages even more immersive. Carkey (not the colour) is a new feature used to unlock your car and start it with your iPhone! App clips is new and will have a huge impact on business and in particular retail and hospitality. Oh and when your iPhone rings, it will appear as a notification, rather than interrupt your whole screen!!

Why am I sharing this with you? Well I get excited about this… But more so, if you are in business and are looking for a tech edge, embracing new technology and new features will put your business at the forefront when it is launched. No one remembers Melbourne Cup place getters…

I’ll return to my geek corner for now.

Glenney Wilson
Industry Link Media – Digital Manager


June 24, 2020

South Australia announces recipients of its Accelerated Discovery Initiative, Red 5 looks to transitional production strategy after Great Western comes into the fold (Red5 price dropped around 30% on open) and Mincor in a Trading Halt.

Drilling results from Apollo Consolidated Limited’s Rebecca deposit have been announced as ongoing shallow infill and exploration drilling has revealed multiple gold intercepts in locations within and below current Mineral Resources. Intercepts included 13m @ 2.76g/t Au from 115m, 5m @ 3.29g/t Au from 66m and 6m @ 2.51g/t Au from 107m and 6m @ 2.72g/t Au from 164m and 5m @ 2.69g/t Au from 209m. Read more here





NEW MEMBER – Connect Business Insurance

At Connect Business Insurance, we combine excellent customer service with expert local underwriting. We are people-focused and motivated by a genuine concern for both employees and policyholders. Our mission is to provide financial protection and peace of mind for our customers.

Understand the Industry, Understand Its Risks & Solutions.

◎ Building trust with clients
◎ Developing long lasting relationships
◎ Transparent costs & terms

We offer a quality approach by helping our clients manage their risks, and leaving them more time to focus on their business.

Our Latest News Bites, Podcasts and COVID-19 changing business

We know COVID-19 has changed businesses. Whether it’s working from home, looking at your digital options for running businesses or having a fine tooth comb over your operations. This pandemic has brought on the biggest change to how we are looking at our business, some for the first time in their existence. One thing we noticed though is that the humble letterbox drop had ceased with our major supermarkets. The panic buy and the availability of stock paying a role in the mailbox receiving less of a direct form of pretty pictures and serving suggestions.

One of the big retailers however in recent days has dropped the print version of its catalogue and is now embarking on a digital only version. The digital era perhaps brought on more quicker than first thought. Big W will put more of its budget and resources to digital content. Citing, according to The Australian; that consumer behaviour has changed as a result of the recent health crisis. The retailer will move its investments to where it sees its consumers trends shifting.

So big business is shifting. Are you noticing the difference and are you going to shift too? Do you have the capability to put more into your digital assets. (I know a team that could assist)

Gary Brown
Regional Manager at Industry Link Media


We have introduced a new weekday feature to our blogs and social media. Check our facebook and blog for five news items each day that you need to know. Its our Morning New Bites, here are today’s headlines.


May 13, 2020


Tensions and coughs in Parliament, Red 5 closer to Final Feasibility Study at King of the Hills and onto procurement for accomodation and office space, while Zenith Minerals reveals a new copper prospect in Queensland – 7.58% cu. Have you signed up? Flick us a message for more details.Read more here


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It’s been an abnormal world environment to start 2020. Whats pleasing to see is restrictions easing and normality slowly returning. Across Australia, our members are getting on with business, and we hope you are too.



The One Man job

A machine built for the ‘one-man job’ scenario in underground mining.

It’s also known for its versatility and will slash your operation costs and improve your team’s results in productivity.

The L-Muva’s durable design is known to last in harsh underground conditions 10+ years,offering a long-term saving and a high ROI – built tough and engineered over 20 years ago to cater specifically to underground mining, with the opportunity to utilise across industries!

The standard L-Muva model is equipped with a 4m x 2m, with the opportunity to attach an extender tray, scissor lift, a removable half cab, and a light crane, minimising one use machinery onsite.

The machine was recently trialled in a localGoldfields underground minesite, returning positive feedback on its appearance, versatility and it’s potential in underground mining.

Now, the Managing Director of L-Muva has a machine available to purchase with low hours, ex-demonstration out of Kalgoorlie.
Its skid steer design provides better manoeuvrability with a capability of turning 360* within 4.5m area making the machine suitable for applications where transit space is limited, such as mining, civil construction sites and bulk storage facilities.

Made from rust resistant materials, the machine is less susceptible to damage and can withstand harsh environments, particularly those faced in the underground mining game.

Its small foot print design allows it to work in areas where IT’S can’t access and its component replacement is easily performed with fast and clear access to engine, pumps and wheel motors.

At the point of sale, the L-Muva team arranges a support and training schedule catering to the purchaser’s requirements.
If you’re interested in purchasing the ex-demo machine, please contact parts@worthyparts.com.

If you would like more information on the L-Muva and its capabilities, you can view their directory listing here.

Auto Electrical services, personal development + staff retention!

The current topic in focus across mining is staff retention, and despite it being an age-old industry topic, the answer seems to lie within the employees’ happiness and opportunity for personal development.

Having launched in 2017, founder of Voltaic, Joshua Doutch holds qualifications as an Auto Electrician, as well as trade qualifications in Mobile Plant Mechanics and Telecommunications, with national and international experiences.

His belief is, by providing staff with internal and external training and development, Voltaic can retain quality employees with legitimate industry satisfaction, providing their clients with a high level of production when servicing their auto electrical requirements.

The method: Personal development = heightened level of job satisfaction = heightened level of production = beneficial to the employee Voltaic, and the major WA mining organisations they work with.

With a mission to create a business that employs likeminded auto electricians, who enjoy their work and strive to be the best in their field, the company’s values are evident to the end client.

Voltaic services multiple areas throughout Western Australia, with their main workshop based in Perth, and Mobile Auto electrical services Including labour hire capabilities throughout the Pilbara, Goldfields and Esperance region.

Their company values not only align with major mining companies, but also with the clients they work with in the general public as well.

Voltaic are creating a focus on excellence in each of their team members and helping the company maintain their professional and respected profile.

Organisations seeking auto electrical services across WA can view the company’s values on their website here http://www.voltaic.net.au/

You can get in touch with Josh and the team via their directory profile.

DD421-60 Drill Rig FOR HIRE!

MAS Equipment was launched in 2018, with the provision of catering to the underground mining market in the way of machinery hire, sales and mechanical repairs. They are based in Kalgoorlie and currently cater to the wider Goldfields region.

Their Management team experience lies in the underground drill rigs, and their skillset is often sought after. Their machines are always well maintained and backed by a team of qualified tradesman.

Whilst they specialise in the hire of underground drill rigs, due to their extensive network and experience in underground mining, they are ever expanding their fleet list, mechanical facilities and also stock SX and piece parts to back it up.

A combination of a long-term family friendship combined with over 40+ years’ experience in the underground mining scene has equated to the rapid success of this new venture

Newest model Jumbo.
Fresh after a long-term hire, MAS Equipment’s DD421-60 Development Drill (Jumbo) has now become available for short/long term dry hire.

The DD421-60 comes fitted with a CT16 compressor, TB60 booms, 8/14” split feed rails, RD525 high frequency drifters and the latest TH561 drilling hydraulics.
In addition to hiring a machine of this calibre is MAS Equipment’s ability to provide any onsite maintenance work that may arise.
You can view their profile on the national services directory here. 

If you’re interested in more information on the DD421 Jumbo, you can contact MAS Equipment here:  0400 639 198

Now servicing – Kalgoorlie-Boulder!

Cleveland Compressors has added an additional 19 years’ experience to strengthen their already desired capabilities in the compressor game! 
Glen, the Kalgoorlie-Boulder based service technician, joined the business in January 2019 to aid the Goldfields clients in servicing and purchasing.
Glen is a respected Kalgoorlie resident, with years of experience servicing a variety of brands when it comes to compressors.
Cleveland Compressed air services have the capabilities to cater to call outs, and have a West Kalgoorlie lay down yard for the convenience of their clients.
Glen is a qualified electrician, with near on 20 years in the mining and compressor industry.
Established in the 1990’s, Cleveland pride themselves on their unique business approach, strengthened by the values held by a family run business.

If you require compressor servicing or products contact Cleveland Compressed Air Services on 1800 158 118

Making its MUVA in the mining industry!

The L-MUVA Project was established in the late 80’s, with a mission to develop a safe, innovative, versatile and mobile work platform for a variety of mine personnel that would be rugged and reliable in the mining environment.
Today the strongest and most consistent, low maintenance underground general service vehicle has been designed, constructed and trialled with a life expectancy to reach up to 10 years.

The L’MUVA has low operational costs, is durable and has modern advancement, with the capability of running autonomously throughout underground mine site.

Engineers aspired to design a machine that could be easily located, dependable, accessible and maintained, anywhere, anytime.

Therefore the machine was designed with materials that frequent mine sites, also allowing for easy maintenance.

Despite its trifling structure, models can be adapted to be self-contained, pressurised mine refuges that can be easily primed within ten minutes with a capacity of up to eight tonnes of equipment, men and supplies.

The engine, drive and control components are easily obtainable from many of the main supply companies whereby existing relationships and support for services and repairs are already available.

Modern L-MUVA models endures six-wheel or eight-wheel drive, providing efficient weight carrying capabilities and an innovative equipment platform for underground that four-wheel drive is unable to accomplish.

The L-MUVA is a safer, more efficient, durable, Manoeuvrable and cost effective machine.

Interested in finding out more?

Visit the L-MUVA website here.

Campbell’s Camps HOT REAL ESTATE for 2019!

Just when you thought the drillers life couldn’t get any more glamorous!

Campbell’s Camps has stepped up the real estate game with the newly designed mining camp – a durable, and comfortable self-contained sea container.
A concept born between a carpenter and a driller, the containers are up for hire and can be designed to cater to your company and your employees’ needs!
There are a range of designs available, from bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and offices, and their exterior build makes them hard-wearing for the variety of weather conditions in the bush.
The units are low maintenance, and are available for outright purchase,

or available on short and long term rental agreements.
The units are lined with 50mm fridge panel, and are weather proof with air cons fitted in the interior, for ease of set up, all you have to do is plug them in.
The versatility of these units makes them perfect for remote site camps and with the aid of a tilt tray, these buildings will get to site in the same condition they left town saving you any down time on building repairs or maintenance.
Interested in more information, contact Jack on 0431 715 564

What do you get when you mix compressors, mining and strong family run business values?

If you run into the O’Connor family, in Kalgoorlie, or Perth you’d walk away knowing you’d met some down to earth, helpful people!

So when we ask you who you buy your compressors from, we’re not surprised when you answer Cleveland Compressors!
It’s the unique blend of a nationally regarded business, mixed with strong ‘family run’ business values!
Cleveland’s head office is based in the Perth foot hills, but with the growth in demand of servicing and purchasing of compressors throughout the Goldfields, they’ve recently set up a permanent technician in Kalgoorlie-Boulder!
What’s more is that Cleveland compressors isn’t like any other OEM business focused solely on sales, more on the mark is their wide range of capabilities to service all brands of compressors and not just their own!
What started out as a humble 2 man run company in the 90’s has evolved to a team of 20 throughout WA employing engineers, technicians and support staff for the mining game.
In fact, you may have also heard their name in other industries like medical Gas Generation, with Cleveland Compressors being the company responsible for servicing and supplying compressors and compressed air equipment to the Kalgoorlie’s Hospital and New Prison among many others.

So what is it that set’s Cleveland’s clients up for success in mining and beyond?
Their clients say it’s a combination of their quality Service and Products, quick turnaround times, and traditional family run business values that make them stand out.
Mining companies with compressor needs, we urge you to give Cleveland a call and see how they can add value to your business.

Take a look at their directory listing here.

WPIL Auction & Expo 2018 Wrap Up!

The 2018 WPIL Auction & Expo brought three MASSIVE days of industry networking, exhibiting, auctioning and wild weather!

On behalf of Michael and the Worthy Parts and Industry Link teams, we would like to thank all 108 businesses involved in the inaugural WPIL Auction & Expo event for their attendance and support.

The 2018 WPIL Auction & Expo aimed to link businesses across the industry in both a digital and physical setting, whereby exhibitors had an opportunity to network, meet with current clients, and gain new ones.

The purpose of the industry link is to create a platform that increases business growth by creating relationships and corporate opportunities as well as boosting the local economies of the regions it works in.

From our opening event, overlooking the iconic Saint Barbara’s Parade, to an afternoon of networking among exhibitors and clients, and 2 massive days of exhibiting, we’d like to thank all exhibitors for their attendance.

100 stalls and 29 display areas had a wide range of mining and construction services and equipment on display for other stall holders and audience to view.

We would like to express our gratitude to the visitors, businesses and families that attended our 2018 Mining Auction and Expo and hope you benefited and enjoyed what it had to offer.

The 2018 WPIL Auction and Expo has laid the foundation of future industry networking events, and we look forward to welcoming a bigger series of events for 2019!